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Civil and Construction Engineering

Lab members support United Nations sustainability conference


Faculty and students from BYU's Civil and Construction Engineering Sustainability Lab, and others from around BYU, presented at the United Nations "Why It Matters" conference on the Sustainable Development Goals, held at Utah Valley University Oct. 5–7, 2022. Their research covered professional ethics, corporate sustainability practices, and irrigation efficiency.

"We are thrilled to see such engagement in sustainability from the academic community, both at BYU and internationally," said Dr. Rob Sowby.


Exploring the Role of Ethics and Sustainability in the Decision Making of Engineering and Construction Professionals: Toward Developing Sustainable Cities and Communities
Clifton Farnsworth, Jacob Neil, Andrew South

An Exploration of How Large Corporations Use Sustainable Development Goals and Standardized Reporting Structures within their Sustainability Strategies
Michael Bown, Clifton Farnsworth, Rob Sowby, Andrew South

Sustainable Irrigation: Balancing Return Flows with Efficiency
Rob Sowby

SDG6: Clean Water and Sanitation (Panel Session)
Rob Sowby