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Civil and Construction Engineering

About the CCE Sustainability Lab

Why a sustainability lab? What do we do?

The Civil and Construction Engineering department launched the Sustainability Lab in September 2021. The lab is housed in the CCE department but is deliberately interdisciplinary to address some of society’s complex challenges at the intersection of the built environment, natural environment, and human-social environment.

Drs. Andrew South, Rob Sowby, Clifton Farnsworth, and Darrell Sonntag direct the lab, and students from across campus support its research activities.

Lab Purposes:

  • Collaboration and synergies across our various research projects.
  • Engaging, fun, and productive work team and space.
  • A method to attract and provide substantive opportunities for students in CCE (and other programs) to engage in aspects of sustainability and other enviro-technical concerns.  Opportunities include research, service, etc.

Current Actions:

  • Weekly meetings to discuss papers, present ideas, and prepare for upcoming events.
  • Projects underway in preparation for multiple conferences and journal publications.
  • Engagement with other campus labs and offices on sustainability issues.
  • Securing of research funding.