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Civil and Construction Engineering

Study reveals cost, energy needed to pump Pacific Ocean water into Great Salt Lake

November 16, 2023 06:49 PM
A new study by BYU engineers shows just how much it will cost, and how much energy it will take, to save the Great Salt Lake by pumping water in from the Pacific Ocean.

Understanding Interrelated Challenges of Poverty in Nepal

October 06, 2023 01:31 PM
An interdisciplinary team seeks to understand the challenge of poverty in the brick kilns of Nepal, and finds that community members hope to improve air quality, critical infrastructure, and education.

Analysis of Irrigation by Remote Sensing (AIRS) supports water sustainability

October 05, 2023 10:53 AM
On urban parcels in particular, irrigation is difficult to measure and manage because of so many variables in landscape size, shape, quality, and water use behavior. Annelise Capener, a graduate student in the Sustainability Lab, is studying how remote sensing can help.

How do drinking water utilities use artificial intelligence?

May 17, 2023 01:46 PM
“AI is just one of many tools a water utility may choose to use, and although many currently choose not to, they are open to the idea,” BYU researchers say.
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